Unambitious, but Maybe Possible

Torighost News from the real world:

A nine-to-five sucks all the vital juices from your body. I happen to work at a great place, and I am grateful, but that doesn't mitigate the tendency to frantically unwind as soon as I get home. Over the last few months, this has degenerated into little more than staring at the computer, eating, and buying things. On a fundamental level, I am not producing anything.

Is no good.

I think that a venue to display what I am working on currently, or what I have recently finished may help. I plan on posting here weekly, more if the mood strikes, but there will be something here on Wednesdays that wasn't here last Wednesday, come hell or high water. (or, y'know, a vacation that lasts more than a week.)

As to the above: I am returning to an old theme of negative space caused by overlap. In this case, playing with the solidity of the figure was the point. I'm slightly displeased with it, as she didn't come out as ethereal as I was imagining, and the whole image feels rather stark. I was planning on a more emotive image.