Inversion Line and the Terrible Metaphor

sketchywoman.gif A meaningless little sketch of the type I tend to do during lecture classes. It warranted the effort to finish it because it is less polished and slick than those little sketches tend to be, and because I liked the line quality. Also, I'm a sucker for color inversion lines.

It is also one of those rare cases where I demonstrate different levels of competence within the same piece. The nose and eyes are handled in an entirely different manner than everything else, which wasn't even a little on purpose. When that happens, it's usually a clue to me that I'm getting on to a new stylistic phase.

Not phases like the moon. Nothing that graceful. More like the terrible twos. The beginning is usually awkward, hard, and frustrating, like watching a two year old try to explain what she wants. Eventually though, there comes out of the tiny mouth a witticism that surprises everyone, including the kid. Eventually, she's clever enough to be witty with some regularity.