Wowphabet: A

Wowphabet: A As some of you may know, I play World of Warcraft.

I have also read the works of Edward Gorey.

Somewhere in my brain, these two neuron communities bumped in to each other, and thought that a joint venture would be fun.

Beginning today, I'm posting one page per week day.  I have a nice healthy buffer, but I'll be continuing to work as I go, so this is a learning exercise. (By 'learning exercise' I of course mean 'motivation by threat of public ridicule and failure.' ) I'm trying to learn to work consistently over time. It's not that I haven't done so before, but I've been more sporatic in my working habits than I'd like.

Today, we have a foolhardy undead warrior. I'm guessing he got bored looking for minerals in Tanaris, and decided to pick a fight with Anachronos and the Bronze Dragonflight outside the Caverns of Time. As one might guess from the fact that he's guarding the frickin' Caverns of Time, Anachronos is about to have a late lunch.

Please note that the image above and all subsequent images in this series depict characters and other stuff that doesn't belong to me. Legal-ise version will be posted at the bottom of every entry in this series, so I don't get my pants sued off.

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