It's That Time Again

eyecandy.gif Okay, so there's a five week limit before I start drawing naked people. If you are offended by this, well, I have no control over what offends you. But you might want to go elsewhere, because this trend is only going to continue.

Previously, I've been disappointed and irritated by my attempts to draw men in the same way I draw women. There's no deep psychological block here, just the fact that exaggerating curves on women really works, but on men not so much. They tend to end up looking like they have a glandular disorder.

I'm rather pleased with this one. I used photographic reference to good effect, which is always a balance between what I want to do and what the picture gives me. In this case, I synthesised the elements necessary to comprehend the form without rigidly adhering to the exact representation of the photo. We at Inksplot Studios like to call that 'not tracing', while at the same time 'not sucking'.