Ancient Ladies and Embarassing Video

Not my classic sexy lady this week, but clearly she belongs in that category. Part of the reason why she doesn't quite match my current style is that she's not quite current: I was digging through my old sketches this week to find an absolutely ancient tee shirt design of mine for a project bid, and I ended up pulling a bunch of old stuff that caught my eye. So, I now have a stack of old, old drawings on top of my scanner. All of these drawings are horribly embarrassing (if any of you have Bar or Bat Mitzvah recordings, you know how I feel. 'Sure, it was a great achievement at the time, but now can we put it away? Oh. You want to show it to the Mitzvah-prep class. And their parents. And some other people. That's...great.' *headdesk*) but all of them have some redeeming quality, so I'll be spending some time this week and next making updated versions of them.

If you really want, I'll post the originals with their re-vamped versions, but I have to warn you that I won't be able to look at the screen while I do it.