If you've done the previously suggested reading, then you should understand the title.

This picture is also indicative of my mental state this week: I'm beyond twitchy, and into full-on panic flight.

I tell ya, it don't rain but it pours. I've recently been increasing the amount of work I do to land art gigs, and this week I had three hits after months of nothing. One of them I have already taken care of, one was a dud, (No, I will not do 12 highly detailed shaded pencil drawings for under $250. That works out to slightly less than twenty-one dollars a picture. Are you insane? I might have accepted that rate in high school. Now, I have rent to pay.) and the last is kicking my ass.

Later, when I have things more in hand, I'll do a full post on that last thing and fill you in on what I'm up to. For now, it's bedtime.