Counter Poise

‘Oh noes!’ you say. ‘Whar is teh pikture!?’ The sketch is under a cut today because, well, sometimes I draw boobies. And I don’t want to nudity-ambush anyone who started coming here for that wacky Wowphabet business.

The original of this sketch dates to my sophomore(?) year of college, when I was taking some sort of art history class. I took at least seven classes which showed slides of similar material, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t remember the proper context.

In any case, a particular painting flashed past on the projector, and I did a quick sketch. Something about the contrapposto caught my eye, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. As with some of my other work, this sketch hid out in my ‘to be finished at some point’ pile until a few weeks ago, at which point I scanned it and dashed off an updated version in about an hour.