So I've been saying since I got this computer, 'gee, I should really but some virus protection on this thing'. Yeeeah.

Not a disaster, as I have an external hard drive that backs up all my art and important files nightly. Still a pain in the ass though. I am not the most organized person and didn't remember where I'd put my software CDs and CD keys. *headdesk*  Long story short, I have nothing new for you to look at at the moment. Therefore this is a good time for a little meme I got tagged with by J. Harker, a good friend and all-around sassy fellow.

1. Link the person who tagged you. (Check.) 2. Post the rules on your blog. (Yes, yes.) 3. Write six random things about yourself. (...How random?) 4. Tag six people at the end of your post and them link you. (That's unlikely.) 5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave comment on to their blog. (Again, this assumes I know six people who blog, and haven't already tagged me.) 6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up. (Isn't that inherent in tagging? These directions seem to be thoroughly idiot proofed.)

Six random things:

1) I really, really like to sing. And I'm not half-bad at it either.

2) Any object in miniature fascinates me. Do you remember those stupid little paper craft fortune tellers that kids made in elementary school? I once made one two millimeters across. To be fair, my fingers were smaller then.

3) I can't hold numbers in my head very well. For example, after we moved, I asked my boyfriend help quiz me on our new address and area code. It went like this:

T: 'What's our area code?'

L: 'Xxxxx.'

T: 'What's our address?'

L: 'Um.... Xxxx, Beaver Hallway.' (We live in suburbia.)

T: 'What's our area code?'

L: 'Um. Hmm...'

T: *astounded silence*

4) I have a deep an abiding respect for books. It made me feel a little ill the first time I was expected to use a highlighter on a textbook.

5) Regardless of #4, I have never finished a book by Jane Austen.

6) I spend a lot of money on food and cooking, and count it as entertainment on my monthly budget.

So I am super lame, and am only tagging one other person. Playing off of #6, Hands-Free Cooking is an informative little blog that's guarenteed to make you hungry, even if you don't like tofu.