Wench Wednesday

What? I can draw a wench if I want to.

It would help if I knew the subspecies though... Is she a bar wench? Pirate wench? Theater wench? I've got nothing.

Of note in this drawing: I started with the skirt. My usual pattern is to start with the torso, and lay out the head and limbs once I've figured out where the weight-bearing line in the torso falls. In this case though, the skirt came first, then the torso, the right arm, the head, several stabs at the left arm before I made a decision, and then several weeks before I was happy with the boots. (Man I hate feet.)

For those of you who might be wondering, I don't work on just one drawing at a time. This wench did not take me several consecutive weeks of drawing time to finish. That would be horrible and tortuous. I usually have a dozen or so 'active' drawings, which may or may not come to anything. Usually one or two of those resolve into being something fairly quickly, one or two others sit and stew at some half-finished stage, (to be finished later) and the remainder never get finished at all. Because I'm still at heart unsure of my talent and worth, most of these last get erased or drawn over. The rational part of me (the part least effected by such worries as 'but what will they think?) finds that sort of a shame. I mean, they're painful to look at in the short term, but years later these unfinished drawings are valuable evidence of how I've learned and progressed. They're also occasionally amusing. For example, here's a wench from a 2004 sketchbook.

Don't worry, that orc isn't going to do anything... untoward. Unless you count stealing the barmaid's dress as untoward. It's hard to find a good seamstress when you live in a cave... Although being a cross-dressing orc probably doesn't help.