Character Portraits: Part 1

When I said 'Hey, I'd be up for doing some character illustrations. Y'know, if anyone wants me to.' on a well-populated WoW forum, I was in fact completely unaware that The Wrath of the Lich King version of the WoW model viewer is teh broken. (Yes, I know there's a recent update that some people report works perfectly, and some people can't get to run. I'm in that latter category.)

About half the races aren't posable. If you try, you get flickering polygon barf. Shoulders will only display on humans, but human females have no hands, or lower jaws. (Ew.) All and all, the program is more of a help than hindrance, but it did make these illustrations take about three times longer than they should have.

This is the first of three. In this case, I offered a few style options, and my client jumped on the 'one color accent to Wowphabet-style black and white.' Having just one more color to work with sure makes drawing glows and enchantments a heck of a lot easier. Also of note: I think I've figured out how to do shadowing subtractively rather than additively.