Character Portraits: Part 2

And a little closer:

This one ended up being way, way more detailed than I'd originally intended. It all started with the tiger really. I did her stripes up the way I thought they should look, and then did everything else to match that level of detail.

A couple of things were more interesting (in the 'may you live in interesting times' sort of way) about this illustration than usual:

-Since the WoW model viewer refused to put shoulders on Night Elves, I took a good screenshot and worked from that to make the spikey evil shoulders. The near shoulder was clear in the reference, but the far one was not, so the appearance of the far shoulder armor is a mix of Photoshop transforms (I <3 distort + warp) and eyeballing it.

-Have you ever really looked an armored worg in the face? 'Cause let me tell you, there's something wonky in there. I can't even really explain better than that... Something about the polygons is just off. Like in a Sherlock Holmes story, where he just knows there's a secret passage, because the room is the wrong size.

-Four for four in this drawing have glowing eyes. Trying to be true to the spirit of glowing while also making it look like I didn't just forget to draw the eyes was an interesting challenge.

-At one point, I had to re-do the clothes on the Night Elf. This left me in something of a quandry, as my original plan (a rather un-hunterly dress) was sort of my only plan. That, and due to the model viewer situation, it wasn't always easy to try out new clothing combinations. So I made it up. The corset-ish bit the Night elf is wearing and both pairs of boots do not exist in-game, although I think I aped the style closely enough to get away with it.