Another example of how sometimes it's best to just let a drawing sit for awhile.  While in this case that helped, it didn't fix all my problems. For one thing, inking in Photoshop allowed me to use true black, which always looks better. (Okay, not always. But Sumi-e aside...) Also, using the computer to draw a simple grid and then using the warp tool, the hatching on the hem and the fishnetting was much easier. I also improved the legs, but they're  The front one is mostly okay, but there's something wrong with the trailing leg which I can't quite fix. I think the underlying problem is that I originally chose a pose without looking at a reference, and people's legs just don't work that way. *sigh* Ah well. I still think it's pretty cool.

Speaking of pretty cool: See just to the side there? Under the My Stuff heading? Yes, I have an Etsy shop! Go take a look. I'll be adding things periodically, because photographing all my jewelry at once is a depressing prospect.