Color and...Cuteness?

I liked how it worked out before, so I'm trying it again: It's project time.

Last time, the Wowphabet was a good excuse to practice working at a steady pace. (Actually, I do naturally draw at a fairly steady pace. Steady as in constantly. But drawing random stuff all the time is very different than drawing themed, stylistically consistent art every day for a month.)

This time, I'm working on using bright colors, and not being so perfectionistic.  Because usually, it goes like this: I'll spend half an hour on what seems like a terribly important transition or shading, and then when I show it to someone I'll flip back and forth between the previous and current versions, rather proud of myself and showing off a little. Then the unbiased third party says 'Wait. What did you do again? I don't see it.'

When I'm being kind to myself, I refer to this as being overly subtle. For me though, 'subtlety' results in a highly detailed, exquisitely shaded grey blob.

So dragons. A dragon a day for...oh, let's say two weeks. Bright, high contrast, and cute. Because I could use a little proof of 'hey, I can do cute!' for portfolio purposes.