Dragon: Barney

To my relief, a quick google search informs me that the well known grinning nimrod has a green belly, and therefore I did not accidentally draw a little winged Barney.

Forgive me for my Barney directed bile. There are certainly far worse children's shows out there, it's just that Barney was the first childrens show I ever watched as an adolescent (while babysitting, I missed watching Barney myself by a few years) and I was mildly revolted by the experience.

Perhaps it's just my memory, but the shows I remember watching as a kid had charm, plot, and dialogue that was deliberately a bit over the kids' heads.  I'm a particular fan of that last one. It gave the kid's brains something to work on (as in real overheard conversation) and it let the adults watch as well without sucumming to brainrot.

In my fantasy of how I will parent (I realize that I cannot really have any concept of what's involved in being a parent, having never had any kids, but that doesn't prevent me from planning for the possibility) I'll have stacks of DVDs of Fraggle Rock, vintage Sesame Street, and the Muppets. There will be a monitor and a DVD player, but- and this is hard for some Americans to concieve of- no cable connection.

That's right. No TV.