Dragon: Inquisitive Longneck

Another take on quick scales. I think this one worked out a bit better, although it doesn't follow the curves of the form as the earlier try did, and I want to fix that. But later. These little studies aren't about driving myself crazy trying to get it perfect, and I'm finding I like how much that frees me up to experiment and learn.

Funny enough, that's exactly what nine-dozen art teachers have been trying to get me to do for years. But I never could really do it in a class setting. (Strange thought: this is the first extended period since third grade or so that I haven't been under some sort of standardized art instruction.) The constraints of experimenting now, on the clock and using the materials/references provided just made it so artificial that it was hard to actually be excited about learning. Worst for me though was the core concept: if you're getting it right, you're doing it wrong.