Orchids are my favorite flower.

I'll admit, some of the love is because they're edible. Really. Slightly sweet in the middle, but mostly just a neutral or an extremely mild bitter leafy crunch.  When they're a garnish on your plate in a fancy restaurant, you should totally eat them. It'll freak your date RIGHT the fuck out. :D

I'm really happy with how this turned out. I managed luminosity not only of the edges, but of the thin middles of the flower petals as well. The color and composition works great at the intended distance, but the color is also intricate up close, so it'll be engaging as a poster.

Oh hey. I said poster didn't I? Well. Cat's out of the bag now.

I'm investigating ways to allow you guys to buy prints of my work. I've found a on-demand company with print quality I like, and I'm about ready to put up some pieces for sale.

You guys get to help me with the hard part. What should I choose to print?

Tell me what your top three favorite illustrations are! No WoW stuff though... Blizzard would stomp me flat and eat my hat.