So I wasn't paying attention. Turns out yesterday was my one-hundreth post. I'm never sure what to do on birthdays, but there is a common theme to any birthday celebration: annoyingly self-indulgent behavior! Therefore, in the birthday spirit, lets take a closer look at that old post I linked to yesterday. It's old, but I still think that it's seriously awesome, and that it didn't get nearly enough face-time when it was originally posted.

I wanted to post this because of the slightly manic attention to detail. Since it's a little over a year old, I've of course learned a few things since then, but this still stands as a great example of what can happen when you say 'aw, fuck it' and jump in at the deep end of the pool.

The headshot is riviting of course (as anything with eyes tends to be) but I include this second one because it has more of the interesting scuffs, ricochet scars, and mud. Also, it shows that I learned how to steal textures: The pants have a clothy sort of texture that is a photoshop pre-set, but the differnent leather textures of the glove and the belt I created myself.