Game: part 4

This one is just 'okay'.

I tried to appoximate the kind of thing I did with the bamboo in the previous illustration with wildflowers, and it didn't really work. Turns out that bamboo can be reduced to two colors (black and white) and be parsed pretty well by a human brain. Wildflowers, not so much. Also it was a pain in the ass to find reference photos at the angle I wanted. The internet failed me.

But the western tackle (For you non-horse-y people out there, 'tack' or 'tackle' is all the crap you make a horse wear so you can take advantage of it being stronger and stupider than you. ) doesn't look too bad, considering how unfamiliar I am with it. And the horses are okay, and the people are okay, and the mountains look like mountains... This one just doesn't have anything about it that's great.