Game: part 7

I had to stick fairly close to photographic reference for these, because of that 'straight line' problem I mentioned.

But I have offically learned how to do water reflections. I did remarkably well on this awhile ago, but I sort of thought it was a fluke. After doing these reflections with no particular reference, I think I'm on to something.

Also, in the roof in the background, I nailed the transition from shine on the roof to open sky. Edges fade out in that situation, and it's the sort of thing where if it's not right, everyone can tell.

Also, I think you guys need more of a hint. So I mentioned in comments that it might be helpful to ponder these illustrations in pairs. For example, everyone in #3 and #4 is riding a horse.

Today's extention on that hint: What is a word for someone who rides a horse? (Other than cowboy or samurai, of course. That would be easy.)