Game: part 9

I've had this one in my head for awhile. Possibly because of that, it went really quickly when I sat down to draw it.

That was a good thing, for I am phenomenally busy this month. I started a second job (hooray MONEY!... boo free time) I did two logo designs (hooray commission work!... boo free time) and I'm preparing for a big jewelry show at the end of July, so I'm making chainmail until my arms fall off. (hooray professional acknowledgment/money! free time.)

Unfortunately, as all of the above is for pay, the blog is sort of my last priority right now. And no, I'm not about to beg for money. I'm not that desperate yet.

Hopefully, there will be no interruption of the blogular service you've come to enjoy. But if there is, take heart: things will be back to normal by the end of the month. They'll have to be. I'm running out of sleep-credit to pay off my sleep-deficit.