Game: part 10

This one went quickly too, which is honestly freaking me out a little. Maybe eight hours total? I suck at keeping track of that sort of thing though. When I'm doing commission work I have to keep a written log as I go because there is just no way that I will remember what I did later on when it comes time to make the invoice.

So, shit is going down this weekend. Saturday and Sunday I will be showing my jewelry at Art on the Rocks. (Sadly, this will not be 'on the rocks' this year, but I digress.) Those of you in the upper Michigan/east Wisconsin/middle south Canada area, I urge you to come on up/over/down. It's a nice regional art and craft show, and the U.P. is very pretty this time of year, so if you like hiking, biking, kayaking or anything of that nature (heh, Nature. I am a punny woman.) it's a great place to visit. Also there will be lots of lovely jewelry for sale...*cough*

I am borderline terrified. I am 85% prepared, but that last fifteen percent involves everything I shipped to myself arriving intact and on time, pricing my inventory, setting up the ability to take credit cards (this may not happen in time...@#&*!) and getting myself and my inventory through the airports. Wish me luck... please?