Show! showshowshowshow*thump*

So I had my big show last weekend, and it was awesome. I flew/drove up to the frozen north, slept, and then got to work with all the last minute things that needed doing. I enlisted (er...perhaps pressganged would be more accurate) the family to help sort and price my inventory, and also set up my rented tent. That evening we had an inservice + question and answer for all the people that were going to be helping sit my booth, and lots of nummy Thai food. (Yes, we do have cuisine other than pasties in the U.P.)

Up at 7:30am, begin setup at 8:15am, and shoppers started arriving at nine. The early wave was the for serious shoppers: these people made a full circuit of all 153 booths in half an hour or less, and then went back and bought up what they wanted before the official open-time at 10:00am.

It looked something like this:

I was quite happy with my booth. For one thing, I lucked out on location: I was basically on a corner, and I was on the edge where people tended to enter the show. Also, I was conveniently placed as to wind/rain, which we had a bit of. (Note the blocks at the base of my jewelry racks, which are keeping them from taking flight in an unexpected gust.) As to things I had control over, things went the way I'd thought they would, which means there were no major disasters and I mostly got things looking the way I wanted them to.

My booth:

Apparently, a major selling point was my ability to make alterations 'while you wait'. This is something of a misnomer, as I did end up taking two pieces home for more extensive alterations, but I mostly got things fitted (when necessary) on-scene, and the client went home happy. I did the alterations for free, reasoning that selling a piece and making a positive impression was worth $10 worth of work.

What I wasn't expecting were the two people who wanted me to make alterations to jewelry that, um, wasn't mine. Uh... no.

Expect tasty leftovers to start showing up on my Etsy page shortly. I moved about half of my earrings, (one pair literally three minutes after I'd finished them!) and perhaps a quarter of my necklaces and bracelets. If I could do one show this good a month, then I could quit one of my two day jobs. Incidentally, that's been my stated eventual goal for the last few months: To be making half of my income from what I technically term 'art stuff.'

And now I am going to become re-acquainted with my teakettle and my couch, because during all that gladhanding something decided it wanted to try to colonize me. 'Night.