Ranger General

This is why I generally post things just about as soon as I finish them. I did this about a month ago, and kept saying to myself  'I'll post it just as soon as I come up with something more interesting than 'lookit! Sylvanas before she was all blue and dead and stuff!' to say.' So I waited, and waited... and then I waited too long.  See, what I'm working on right now is so much better that I'm frankly a little embarrassed to post this.

There's actually two effects contributing to the relative suck: The 'I'm rapidly getting better' effect, and the 'I'm learning, so my quality is somewhat erratic' effect.  Most people are familiar with this second from sports, or possibly competitive card games. It's usually referred to as beginners' luck. What isn't commonly as obvious is that hand in hand with luck comes suck. A beginner of any sort will have the occasional amazing shot, but will also shoot hilariously wide. It's just that we tend to remember the lucky shots, and accept the really bad ones as expected.

To bring this back to the painting: This one is a really bad shot. The next one is shaping up to be a really good shot, so this one looks even worse in comparison.