Weekend Nude

I think I might be beginning a lady-drawing phase. We begin with this lady, who is apparently enjoying her day off too much to get up and put clothes on. I think I've been avoiding doing ladies for awhile, because I've been unhappy with my level of realism. The women I draw have always been stylized for sure, but I found myself falling back on 'oh it's stylized ' in order to finish a drawing. Not a good place to be. I somehow needed to reconcile the trueness to life (perhaps realism isn't actually a helpful word here) that I was capable of with the stylization that gave me satisfaction.

Plus, I was unhappy with my tendency to draw ladies without heads. This is fraught for all sorts of feminist and historical reasons of course, but it was also evidence that I was dodging my inability to tie the entire form into a cohesive whole, which is a fairly serious conceptual failing. It's okay to decide to focus on and show only a few lines of a form. But only showing some of the lines because you're not sure how to make all of the lines is a problem.

So I put the ladies on a back burner for awhile, and left them to simmer. I think I might have soup now.