Artist != Self-Absorbed Flake?

I don't know why I draw ladies. (edit: FYI, anything I call a 'lady' had a 50/50 shot of being NSFW) No, seriously. I don't. Okay, so I can make up a not entirely untrue explanation about liking to exaggerate curves,  which is all well and good of course but doesn't actually explain anything. It might shed some light on why I do women instead of men, except that I've done men in my 'ladies' style. It's harder, but not impossibly so. So why the urge to draw nude women? (As for the obvious, I'm unconflicted about my rating of 1 or perhaps 2 on the Kinsey scale, so it's not some sort of sublimated desire for women.) Women feel better to draw, although really the joy is all tied up in the completion of a good line. I just want to draw lines that describe something more understood than actually seen. Perhaps then I draw women because I better understand the...shit, I was about to say 'flow of energy in women', and then my bullshit detector went off.

It's hard being an artist with an internal bullshit detector.  It makes for a very noisy brain.