comicdragon-shirtcomplillies-shirtcompmoon1-shirtcompboxed-shirtcompweeds-shirtcomp Nothing really new this week, just thought I'd show you some of my wootshirt submissions as a break from posting ladies. (We are not done with the ladies.  In fact I have a backlog of ladies. And how often do people get to say that?) Though I worked at a tee shirt printing/design company for almost a year, I still find it a challenge to adapt a design originally meant for a page or poster to work on a tee shirt. I keep wanting to use the whole shirt, which is actually a bad idea because you hardly ever see the whole shirt at once. During normal wear, you really can't plan on a viewer getting a good look at anything more than what is referred to in the business as 'midchest'.

It'd probably help to draw something with the intent that it would be a tee shirt design, but that would require planning and foresight. *Pfffft*