Help Me Chemistry Dork-kenobi, You're My Only Hope!

So two interesting ideas came up during the show on Saturday, and for one of them I'm going to ask for some crowdsourcing help. I've been getting into doing japanese weave earrings lately. They are tons of fun, in part because they are inherently sculptural, so I can make some crazy shapes. These crazy shapes are made up of different size links, connected by either one or two tiny links. Which means they kinda sorta look like molecules. Middle school text-book two-dimensional 80's style molecules, but nonetheless.

I do not have an encyclopedic knowledge of simple molecules so I'm asking you, my dear readers, for suggestions. If your suggestion works (and if you want it) I'll send you a pair of the super-dorky earrings you designed. Classy!

So here are the variables: shape, connection, link size and material.


Shape: I can make 'molecules' in three basic shapes. 1. is a rosette, 2. is a diamond, and 3. is a triangle. Please note that rosettes do not have to have the outside ring be finished. They work just fine as a central circle with a half-circle of links around it too.  (edit: These shapes are of course combine-able, to a limited degree.)

Connection: In the rosette, I used a single connector link to hold the outside links to the inside links, and used a double connector to hold the outside links to each other. In this case, due to the diameter of the wire, I needed to to it that way. This is the main reason for the 'if it works' caveat above. Depending on the shape, I can't always do covalent bonds where they need to be. Another thing to note: The bonds don't have to be the same color. In #2, the central bond is half one metal and half another.

Link Size: Knowing close to nothing about chemistry, I thought that maybe link size could be used to imply the nature of the atoms... like atomic weight maybe? In #3, you can easily see that it's not hard to work in noticably larger atoms. In order to make a good earring, I think it would be best to restrain yourselves to three atom sizes or less.

Material: I can work in aluminum, silver, and copper. 1. is made entirely of the aluminum, although the lower double-bond and big link on #3 are also aluminum. #2 is made of silver and copper.

Please guys, help me out here. I'm going for the 'dungeons and dragons/WoW chemistry dork who presents an appearance of normality in public and sends sneaky social signals looking for others of their tribe' niche market.