Old Character Studies

Today's post is a present for a guy I've been chatting about art stuff with on the internet. Because I am actually kind of a slow adapter to technology, (I don't know how to post pictures to the forum we're on) and because I thought it'd make a good post (*cough*lazy*coughcough*) I scanned some old comic character studies for you. I'm testing out three stylistic choices here: the 'diary' approach to telling a story, using the city itself as an atmospheric character, and unconventional panels. Scott McCloud would be so proud.

Keep in mind these are a rough draft, so neither the text or images are of a quality that I'd want to publish. This is a just a place to let this character flail around a bit, so I can find out who he is. Some of it's a bit inconsistent, but that's okay at this stage. It's like when you go to the shelter to get a pet: you can't tell what they're like at all when they're in a tiny cage. When you take them home and give them space and some time to relax, that's when you find out what you've got.

Text from the panel is typed below the image.


-Sometimes I wonder... whose hands do I have? Whose nose? I'm not going to seek him out or anything like that, but I still imagine sometimes what I would do if I met him on the street. Probably punch him in the mouth and mount his teeth on my wall.


- I'm a nice guy. Really. I just have the damnedest time convincing people of that.


-There are times when I sort of enjoy a good hangover.

- Mary. She's what they call a 'sensitive'. A bit clairvoyant, a bit telepathic, definitely psychic. She hates it when I smoke.

-Her job is to diagnose the problem.

-My job is to pull her out.


-The scientists. Creepy little bastards.

-They test everybody about once a month. They make a special fuss over me, because they don't know how I do what I do.

They keep telling me to stop moping. It effects the test.