Alexstrasza and Korialstrasz

alex-and-korial2 I figured I'd do my own version of a very popular subject in WoW art. You see a lot of fan-created versions of Alexstrasza, because, well... Alexstrasza is extremely hot. Plus she's a very powerful queen, and leader of an ancient people with mysterious motivations. Also a dragon.

Korialstrasz doesn't get nearly as much airtime, and when you do see them together, he's usually in the background somewhere.


I really like this pose for them. It's your classic 'dragonrider and dragon' or 'witch and familiar' pose, and the dynamic gets turned on it's head a bit when you know who these characters are.  Korialstrasz has no official power, his title is 'queen's consort'. Plus Alexstrasza could clean his clock any day. So although he's visually in the 'power' spot, he not only takes orders from Alexstrasza (as a witches' familiar would) he also is not the most physically powerful.

I'm not sure yet about the style. The shading makes them look a bit like stone sculpture. In this case I don't really mind, because this would be an awesome thing to have in the lobby of the red dragonflight, but for other pieces it might be a little incongruous.

Edit: Hahaha, I forgot the irises. Ooops. I am too punchy to put them in now though. I guess they are stone sculpture after all.