Snow Day

I know, it's a Saturday, so it can't technically be a snow day. However, there's a foot on the ground outside, and it's still coming down. That's snow day enough for me. The last few days I've had two people ask after my remaining earrings. As I've learned that there is apparently no good and cheap and fast way to transport an earrings display, (I say this will full awareness of the pyramid. I'd settle for good and cheap.)I thought I'd post pictures of what I have remaining after a busy holiday craft-show season.

EDIT: As always, thanks to my lovely tech-savvy boyfriend for help with camera-wrangling. If you see a decent photo on this blog, chances are he had something to do with it.

First up, aluminum earrings. Please note that aluminum is a very light metal, and very non-reactive. Therefore it's good for people with sensitive ears, and those that have a personal body chemistry that quickly tarnishes silver or turns green with copper. aluminum1



Next, sterling silver earrings. Sterling silver is a composite of silver and nickle copper, so is not suitable for those that are allergic to either metal. silver1


Finally, copper earrings. Copper and gold are the best options for people who are allergic to nickle. The posts are coated copper, so will not react with the skin of your ear. copper1


Okay all you Christmas present procrastinators: All of the above are for sale, and none cost more than $15. If you want closeups or the details of any particular earring, let me know.

Now I'm going sledding. See ya!