Tired Tank

tired-tank I realized recently that I was falling into a familliar trap:  I've been drawing only female WoW characters.

Well, other than perhaps the murloc. But I'm not sure I want to know how to tell boy murlocs from girl murlocs. Eesh.

So I decided to fight my natural inclinations, and bring you not only a male character but a burly male character. Plus I'll admit to wanting to show off my digitigrade legs skillz.

I'm not thrilled with the shading on this attempt. I was trying to re-create the magic from the Alexstrasza drawing, but couldn't really get it back again. Ah well. This isn't bad per se, it just doesn't seem nearly as engaging. Here's what it looked like before shading.


Crap. I think I like it better this way.

I'm posting early this week because along with many people my age, I'll be visiting the outlaws for Christmas. As I'm of the Jewish persuasion I didn't think in advance to draw anything particularly festive, so, uh...