This last Friday, some toys I'd ordered from the internet arrived. To clarify, this post is safe for work.

I'm talking about chainmail toys. I'd been searching high and low find beads that were even somewhat similar to beads I'd used before, which are no longer carried by the store I purchased them from, and found toys instead.

For the curious: the beads I'm looking for are shiny grey disks in the shape of an equiconvex lens. I need the beads to be in two sizes, the larger significantly larger than a quarter, the other slightly smaller than a quarter. Ideally, they should match bright aluminum in color. They also need to have one relatively large hole near the edge at a perpendicular angle to the 'plane' of the disk. That can't be too hard to find, right? Right...

But I was talking about toys. I got some tiny rubber rings, (which shall make an appearance later) and a new style of earring mount, but I spent most of my time playing with scales. They are strange, and seem to be mostly intended for making sheets, (like for a mail shirt) but they are funky and I like them.  First Piece: feather necklace. feather-necklace-1


And! And! When I hunch my shoulders, my hackles raise! *giggles*