Tiny Dragon

In the past I've posted a few dragons here, both of the cute and more traditional varieties, but it's been a while. It's dragon time. tiny-dragon

As you may have noticed, I often construct my inspiration out of pieces of geekery and intellectually stimulating fantasy, as in this old illustration. In this case I was flipping through this month's issue of National Geographic, and on page 68 there's a small color picture of a creature called Phyllodoce Madeirensis.

Without exaggeration- it's a tiny dragon. Well,  it looks like a tiny dragon in that particular picture anyway. I'm pretty sure it would look more millipede-ish were you to encounter it in the water where it lives, but the picture was great inspiration for a speedrun.

Yup, this is another speedrun. About an hour total?

A word about 'constructing inspiration'. As I'm mentioned previously, I rarely feel inspired by a single idea. It's when ideas collide that my brain says 'Hey, neat! Can I play with that?'

Even more interesting from a 'how creative brains work' perspective: When those interesting ideas or factoids run into each other, there's a pause. It feels much like solving a simple mechanical problem, such as assembling a doorknob. All the pieces of a great idea are in front of me, but there's a moment before I figure out how to put them together. And sometimes I put them together wrong, and then have to dissasemble and reassemble until I hear that little *click*.

Not to worry, the *click* is metaphorical. I'm not hallucinating. Yet.