Go Stir Crazy? Don't Mind if I Do!

People in the D.C. area are starting to get a little twitchy. Evidence: the sudden emergence of a popular parlor game called Name That Storm! Snowpacolypse, Flurricane, Snowgeddon, Snoverkill, Snoverload, Snow boy, and snOMG are current favorites.

But I've been making good use of my trapped-in-the-house time. I've been taking a lot of pictures of pretty jewelry, and have added a gracious mort to my Etsy page!

But before you go there- c'mere.  I like your style. Special pictures, just for you.




These pictures will go up on my Etsy page in a few days, but for now, I give you first dibs.

(Edit: I might have a craft show this Saturday from 9am-2pm at the Lyon Park Community Center in Arlington VA, depending on snow. )