Brown Cow, White Wolf (It's okay, his name is Blizzard)

taurentauren-two1 tauren-two2

So here's what's going on. Awhile ago, I got it into my head to draw a Tauren lady, and thought it would be traditional/fun to make her a hunter, and draw a pet as well. So I got some WoW references together, gave it a try. And well, it sort of sucked.  You can tell, right? It's that one at the top. The weighting is just wrong. The figures are carrying their weight in a way that would make sense in game, but as I was drawing something a little more realistic it just looks odd. And it's not like there's one spot that's a problem, it's basically equally odd all over, which is pretty much unfixable.

I was understandably a little depressed by this, and put the drawing away. As I was in a mood to do inking this week (rather than sketching) I was looking through my file of unfinished things, and saw this poor girl. Rather than going back in and attempting to fix the drawing I already had, I decided to use it as primary reference for a new drawing.  So even though I was in an inking mood, I wound up sketching anyway. Don't believe it when people tell you art is all about doing what you want to do.

Digression aside, the second drawing went much better. See how they seem to be actually standing on the ground now, instead of vaguely hovering?  I also fixed a few narfy things, like changing the side the quiver was on, (because that's the side the free hand would actually pull from) and making her braids extra long (because that's about how long my hair is, and I like it better that way).