mignoloids_final Welp, I've gone and dug myself a hole again.

See, I have in mind to do a little project. I self-published *coughKINKOScough* two trades of a comic in college, but I haven't done much with the form since then. Of course now I've got a comic idea in my brain, and it's not letting go. Unfortunately, this idea is relatively specific about the drawing style it wants.  And it's not a style currently in my repertoire.  Dammit.

So I'm going to expand my repertoire. (And yes, that does hurt, even if you go slow.) I'm going to accomplish this by the time-honored tradition of copying until I understand how the hell the artist does whatever it is they do.

Today, I'm embarrassing both him and myself by attempting to learn the ways of Mike Mignola. Well,  Fritz Leiber as done by Mignola, anyway.