Renaissance Faire-d

Well, I'm back.  My next two weekends are still dedicated to the Virginia Renaissance Faire, but since I've done almost all of the necessary work for it I can start doing other things like, oh, drawing again. Things I've learned so far about Renaissance Faires:

-It's easier to not stuff yourself on Scotch Eggs if you just don't eat that first one.

-Talk to the organizers (on the phone or in person, so tonal subtleties come through) early in the planning stages. It may be that you're being way more dedicated to editing out modern stuff than you need to be.

-Apparently, lots of people go to Ren Faires in order to soak up the ambiance. And not to buy anything. Crap.

Photodump! (As always, all pictures courtesy of my dear technologically inclined fiance.  Further photos of his over at his flicker.)






P.S- Best overheard Ren Faire quotation, delivered with full pirate accent: 'Aye, I'm the Scottish Pirate. You can call me Arrgyle.'