Work/Work/Work/Life Balance

calm-woman Just to be clear - I'm not this calm, cool and collected. I also don't glow.

Balancing work time with everything else time is something all artists have to hammer out for themselves. Well, other than perhaps the independently wealthy artists with no family obligations and a particular gift for benign self-absorption, but I digress.

My balance is a work in progress. I have two part time jobs that are not art related, and one that is. None of this includes 'just for fun' projects, i.e. stuff that is not directly related to making money. Like, say, this blog. There's also life, of course: Car payments and Thanksgiving dinner with the inlaws and watching the Perseids.

I do alright at leaving the work I do at a remote location where it belongs, but I run into trouble with work I do at home. Chainmail and some drawings are 'work', but they are also fun, which complicates matters. Sometimes, I want to make chainmail, as it is genuinely relaxing. And sometimes I have a show coming up, so I feel like I have to make as much chainmail as possible before the deadline, then I work myself into a slightly tarnished and blistered bag of twitch.

My problem is saying no in a rational way that also allows me to get done what I need to get done. If chainmail is fun, I shouldn't balk at doing it a lot, right? But then I'm 'working' in my relaxation time. And if I only 'work' when it's fun, then I'm not treating it like a job, which is the level of dedication that it deserves, and that my taxes sort of imply I should devote.


Oh, I'm sorry, did you want a conclusion? As I said, it's a work in progress.