Craft Shows are a big time-sink, and they aren't always a monetary windfall. But they have other pluses, not the least of which is that often someone asks me for something I would have never considered making. Now to be fair, the majority of these ideas are either not up my alley, or are implausible. But sometimes they're good enough to try a little experiment. In this case, someone asked me for a purse. I don't actually use purses, so my initial response was disinterest. Also the sheer density of chainmail that would be required to make a purse that wouldn't drop hairpins through the sides was depressing. Then however, I remembered this:


A little leather necklace of mine. Cute, and a little punky.  The basic weave of it is a 4-in-1, with a little strip of leather hopscotched through. And if it were possible to make several of them, and link them side to side... purse02

First step:  I needed lots of little 'necklaces.'  I had a large leather rectangle on hand, and no particular plans for it, so I cut it into narrow strips of slightly less than the width of the links. purse05

I made a nice swatch of 4-in-1, and wove the little strips through it. By this point, I knew this was gonna work, and I was pretty sure it as gonna be awesome. purse07 I wove until I ran out of leather, and wound up with a sizable piece of... fabric? This side is the verso. purse06

And this is the recto. That means 'the front side of the piece of leather', by the way. I swear.

From that point, I connected the sides, made a simple strap from the last strip of leather, attached that, and was done.




Well. That was a successful little experiment.

This purse is too tiny to be of much use, unfortunately.  It's barely big enough to hold a credit card, which is a function of using leather I just had on hand. Next time I'll actually buy some leather on purpose, and so the resulting purse will be big enough for at least a wallet.