See, the reason this post is late is 'cause I got sick. Actually, I'm still sick. I sound like one of those bubbling mudpots at Yellowstone every time I cough. It's attractive. Uncharacteristically, I'd built myself up a little backlog of illustrations in case of just such an event, smiling smugly to myself about how good I'm getting at planning ahead and generally acting like a professional.

Then I couldn't sit at the computer for a week. So much for my brilliant plan.

This week we have a Gorlock, specifically one of the Oracles. I love these guys. They're cute, in a horrible sort of way. They have the personality of your three-year-old cousin who idolizes you, but in addition to the biting problem, amorality, bug eating, being generally slimy and nominally house-trained, they also... uh... Huh. I guess some of the game developers have kids.

I'm really very pleased with the color on this one. The critter is green and purple and yellow, but instead of being garish I managed all of the transitions so it just looks like a sorta greenish-brown. Which is of course how actual animals are- rarely is something just brown, it's a complicated and intense palette of colors that you're generally too busy appreciate. But you notice it when someone tries to substitute plain ol' brown.

I'm also pleased with how the sketching lines came out in the final product, even if I'm not sure I'll keep them on in subsequent drawings. They're damn useful, and add a certain character, but when I get to the final touches they seem to bring down the quality of the picture. We'll see.


From the WoWiki:

Gorlocs are "an arctic race of murloc-like creatures" that battle the tuskarr. This can be seen in the Borean Tundra.

They are said to be the "next evolution of murlocs." Lead Game Designer Jeff Kaplan called them "an evolution to the murlocs" and said they were a "complicated race of murloc, both good and bad at the same time".

The Oracles are a faction of several friendly gorloc tribes that inhabit Sholazar Basin. They see themselves as guardians of the titan technology that remains in the area (though they understand little of it). They find themselves in an escalating territorial war with the Frenzyheart Tribe of wolvar.