Remember what I said about brown? Here's a great example of how not to choose colors to make a brown animal. Ooops. wolvar

I mean, it's not bad. But it looks much flatter and less interesting than the Gorlock did, even though the shading technique is the same. I think the problem is that palette I chose is all midrange colors. I've touched on this idea before, but put succinctly: Limited palette good, so long as it's broad enough. White through black in five steps is good. White through black in twenty steps is less good, and only using only steps 7-12 is bad, which is exactly what I did here. If this were a black and white image, it would be nigh incomprehensible.

From the WoWiki:

The Wolvar are a primitive race of "wolverine people" that inhabit the icy continent of Northrend. They are one of the major races of the continent, and are found in most of its southern zones. Their tribes can be found in the Howling Fjord, Grizzly Hills, Dragonblight, Sholazar Basin and Zul' Drak. Though primitive, they are quite capable of diplomacy, and many of their tribes are friendly, or are open to friendship. with one tribe, the Frenzyheart tribe, being a faction in their own right. They speak low common, but their usage of it differs noticeably from that used by other speakers.