One of the great things (and painful things) about having a slight backlog is that when you go to post something, you immediately see everything that is horribly wrong with it. While this is good for learning purposes, it isn't terribly comfortable if you're slightly insecure. Which all artists are, trust me. ogres

I've clearly improved in some ways, but I'm also making some of the same mistakes. I'm happy with my color choices and shading, but it just isn't vibrant enough. In trying to make the skintones natural-ish, I undersaturated them. The contrast is fine, but the lighter skin and the metal bits are washed out and anemic. Annnd the overly precious monster is back. The ogre's faces are actually really cool... but you can't see them, because all that neat detail is on a tiny part of the picture. Oops.

From the WoWiki: Ogres are large, brutish humanoids originally from Draenor. They were one of the last races of Draenor's giants.

Ogre culture, such as it is, tend to revolve a great deal around warfare, violence, and acts of strength. Elimination of competitors is an accepted (in fact, it is the only) way to move up in the ogre ranks. The ogres have great admiration to those that can best them in strength or in combat, an admiration that far transcends anything else, including their hatred for other mortal races, specifically orcs and humans. There are rare but known cases of ogres bowing to the Horde when those have defeated them (such as the Stonemaul tribes) and even rarely the Alliance.

Regular ogres and two-headed ogres are not spellcasters; the ogre magi make up the smarter, spellcasting versions of ogres.