nerubian It's all right. You can say it.

Nerubians are icky.

They have several different equally icky body plans. So many in fact that getting them all in one illustration was a little awkward logistically, so I'm only showing two of the more common types that the average adventurer may run into.

Again, there are things I like about this one, and things that make me sigh. (I'm getting better. Sighing is a big step up from disquieting giggling.) In trying to relax about my color transitions, some things are fuzzier than they should be, which gives the whole picture a sort of dreamlike quality. Which would be cool, if I that was in any way what I meant to do.

And my color choice is too close in contrast. Again. The leg red, body brown, and purple wrappings have basically the same brightness, which makes them difficult to differentiate at a distance.

But I like the spiderlings.  They're alternately cute and horrifying, with good contrast and color. They're adorable. Just, um, keep 'em away from me.