I actually really like the World of Warcraft interpretation of Gnolls. There are half-human half-animal fusions throughout WoW, and I like how much screentime is given to the less popular fusions. Yes, there are still wolf men, centaurs and cat people, but there are also bird people, pig people, hinds, and in this case hyena people.

Appropriately, gnolls appear to be opportunists when it comes to making a living: You'll find them in raiding parties of all sorts, working as mercenaries, and occasionally living in small tribes and just stealing things from the more industrious species of the area.


As gnolls are clearly based off of the spotted or laughing hyena I decided to run with the somewhat manic expression. I still haven't quite figured out how snarly lips work but I do rather like how the teeth came out. They're not realistic, but they do get the point across.

Probably the 'best' part of this one is the coloring on the shoulders and 'hump'. I used about four layers (one for the actual hair, one for the base skin tone, and two for the spots) and freely eyedroppered between them to get a nice smooth transition and spots that fade out naturally.

And yeah, he's green, which isn't exactly a traditional hyena color. Sue me.