Harpies. Why did it have to be harpies. World of Warcraft harpies are considered humanoids, (meaning you can't skin them for profit. A comforting definition, no?) but otherwise they seem to be only marginally above animals: they lay eggs in nests, don't keep houses as such, and don't talk. And yet they wear metal bikinis. The resolution of this is left as an exercise for the reader.


I really, really like how this came out. Conceptually I was worried about the feathers, as detail work has a tendency to trip me up. But I managed not to focus too much on edges while giving a good amount of color variation. The placement of the feathers on the wing is only loosely related to reality, but I'm okay with that.

And this is a big step up in the background department. I wasn't sure how to integrate a character study with a full background, (and if I'm honest, I wasn't totally sure I could do a full background) so I simplified matters by using a limited and out of focus background with a border.

And yes, I'm doing the orange/blue thing. So sue me, but goddamn it, that contrast works.