Despite them being, well, nasty little creatures, I enjoy Kobolds. They have simple priorities, and all the little things about their character design are consistent with the singleminded pursuit of those priorities. The backpack for holding various shiny objects they might find, (which is overfull, don't want to spend time going back to the surface until you just can't carry any more) badly patched clothes, the barely functional pickaxe, and the candle on the head, necessary for underground work when you can't possibly occupy a hand (vital for grabbing loot) with carrying a torch. As usual, I started with the figure. But I ran into a problem when I tried to make a background. I tried several different mineshaft settings, but nothing seemed to really be working. I wanted it to be dim, both because pre-industrial mines are dim, and also to keep the figure at the forefront. But then I tried to put normal shadows on the figure, and everything started to look very confused. kobold2 As usual, the solution is simplicity. Murder your darlings. (Of couse, as you may have noticed, in explaining this principle I managed to show you the full, unshadowed figure anyway.)


I'm also trying to figure out how glowing works. I've got a good handle on coloring with a directional lightsource, but the flame itself looks...solid. It would be fine if it were a lantern, but it's a shame that one of the natural focal points of the drawing came out a little awkward.