Sorry for the radio silence everyone, but I have a totally legit excuse: I moved! And not just a little move, oh no. This was one of them 'buy an air mattress because the truck with your stuff on it may not get there for a week' kind of moves. So I am now officially in the Boston area. I've been told means I need to start caring about sports teams. Or at least learn to say 'Bruins' in a heavy tone and slowly shake my head at appropriate intervals.

But that shit's not why you come here! I hear you clamoring for your pretties, even through the intertubes.


Holy Backgrounds Batman!

I may have gotten a little carried away here. I was worried about the background being the weakest part of the drawing, so I did it first. By the time I was doing finishing touches on the Furbolg I was to the 'stinky thing go away' stage, and neglected the details a bit.

The cobblestones turned out way better than expected, with minimum pain. I used the stained glass filter on my roughly colored path to chop it into 'stones', and then squished it to add perspective and a bulge in the middle, as cobblestone seems to do that over time. Then I colored highlights and shadows on individual stones, using the filtered copy layer as a guide. Then I deleted the filter layer, leaving only my highlights and shadows layer and the rough background underneath. BAM.

I'm also pleased with the mushroom clusters, they provide a lot of the feeling of undergrowth without a lot of time investment. (I'll admit to a little copy/paste/flip horizontal/scale) Plus the glowing spots did pretty much exactly what I wanted them to.

I like the fuzzyness on the Furbolg, but some of my color choices are a bit wonky. His skin tone is too yellow, and the teeth-jewelry looks plastic rather than weathered. I also like how I made the band of his loincloth disappear under his fur, even if I forgot to extend the effect around his belly which leaves that part looking strangely flat.

It's one of those 'this part's good, but it's not good enough to overcome that part, which is BAD' kind of pictures. It's a learning experience. *twitch*