We interrupt your irregularly scheduled program 'The Other Guys', to bring you... Goats! goats

Once in a great while, my webmonkey affords me the opportunity to pay him back for all his, uh, monkeying. In this case, he wanted a logo. A goat logo. He gave me a few specifics (headshot, simple, black lines) but essentially left me free to see what I could come up with.

So I got some reference material together, and started riffing on the concept of 'goat'. When I finished my first page of sketches (the first six designs here) I showed them to my client to get his opinion on how things were going. He sort of flapped his arms and said 'More cartoon-y! Fewer lines! Also that one in the middle on the second row is super creepy!'

In order to reduce the creep factor, I started my second page drawing mainly goats with regular pupils (instead of the weird football pupils goats actually have) and I did my best to inject some cute. I'm not actually very good at cartoons, 'cute' is about as close as I get.

Luckily for me, the second page of sketches produced a winner. With a little adjusting and cleaning up, here he is: