Now then, were where we?quillboar

Ah yes. Quillboar.

I tried something a little different here to try to save myself time on the background, and pretty much robo-failed. It took longer than it would have to just draw it from scratch, and it wound up looking like I ran a simple filter over a screenshot. Dammit.

Strangely enough, the thing I was most worried about turned out just fine. I'm talking about the quills of course. With simple color change along the length of the quill I was able to take care of the 'depth' problem without spending lots of time drawing the shade and shadows of each individual spike.

And once again my subtlety rises up to bite me. The difference between the well-lit portions and the dark bits on the figures is about half what it should be. The shadows just aren't deep enough. I could justify it by saying they're in a poorly lit space, but in the interest of learning I really shouldn't. Justifying after the fact is not the same as doing it on purpose in the first place.