Underpants Sketch

I finally feel like I'm learning to sketch on my Wacom tablet. It's a different skill from paper sketching, maybe because the physical motion of the pen doesn't have a static relationship to the movement of the cursor, (a tiny movement can have very different consequences depending on how zoomed in you are) and maybe because the picture is appearing on an entirely different surface from the one it's being drawn on. Regardless it's taken me about four years of practice to get reliably tolerable results.

So I had a passing fancy to draw my three main comic characters in their underwear. I justified this on two counts: One, I should really know what the character's body looks like, not just their clothes. Two, I think one's choice in underpants can visually say something about a character.

Here's Adiyenko. She's all about practicality and is even a little modest, but she's also entirely aware that boyshorts flatter her butt. (Digitigrade legs predispose towards some serious butt.)